About Us


About Company

Founded in 2003, Etechin is a professional manufacturer of mini circuit breaker, rcbo, rccb, isolator, mccb; distribution board, pan assembly and those accessories. Approval with ISO9001 managment, with more than 20 years of market experience. The company covers a full set of production processes such as raw material punching, forming, welding, spraying, assembly, and inspection. At the same time, the company process a completed inspection laboratory to ensure the high quality of the products.
We produce products from the perspective of customers, commit providing high-quality products, the best service, and the most professional product customization. The company was approved the ISO9001 management certification, and the products have obtained internationally renowned certifications, such as KEMA, Dekra , Semko, CE, CB.

Our Vision

To provide best quality products and services
To escort the user's electricity safety.
Let Etechin products enter every city in the world, and make Etechin a world-renowned brand.

Our Team

About 130 positive, creative, and professional individuals are working in Etechin, who also all share Etechin core values LHKIR (Learning / Honest / Kindness / Integrity / Responsibility ).

We own a united progressive, active and diligent leadership group, professional engineers, highly-trained technicians, skilled workers and a sales team with transpositional consideration mind. We care what customers care.


Our Core Value

Learing-Continuous learing and self-requirement are the key to success.

Honest-Honesty is the foundation of all personality, it’s the prerequisite of sunny heart.

KINDNESS-To solve a problem with a friendly attitude often makes things easier

INTEGRITY-An integrity person has courage and kindness,containing tolerance will be better.

Responsibility-Work and life need responsibility people trust more on who has responsibility.