ETM2RF Series RCBO: The Ultimate Solution for Low Voltage Power Distribution

The ETM2RF series RCBO complies with IEC/EN61009-1 standards and is a game changer in the field of low voltage terminal power distribution. With current ratings ranging from 6 to 40A and sensitivity options of 30mA and 100mA, the device provides comprehensive leakage, short-circuit and overload protection in a variety of settings, including industrial, residential, energy, communications and infrastructure applications.

The outstanding feature of the ETM2RF series RCBO is its excellent 6 or 10KA short circuit breaking capacity, ensuring reliable protection against sudden electrical faults. This feature, combined with its AC 240/415V voltage rating, makes it a versatile and powerful solution for a variety of power distribution systems, including lighting and motor distribution.

In the industry, ETM2RF series RCBO is the first choice to ensure safe and efficient low-voltage terminal power distribution. Its applications cover many fields such as civil construction, home furnishing, energy, communications, and infrastructure. Whether protecting residential electrical systems or supporting critical infrastructure, this RCBO is designed to deliver best-in-class performance and peace of mind.

The ETM2RF Series RCBO is a reliable, efficient solution to the complex challenges of modern power distribution systems. It has leakage protection, short circuit protection, overload protection and other functions, and is an indispensable part to ensure the safety and reliability of the power grid. With its robust design and compliance with international standards, this RCBO is expected to set new benchmarks in low voltage power distribution.

In summary, the ETM2RF series RCBOs demonstrate innovation and excellence in the field of electrical protection devices. Its versatility, reliability and compliance with international standards make it the ultimate solution for low voltage terminal power distribution, meeting the diverse needs of the industrial, residential and infrastructure sectors. With its comprehensive protection features and rugged design, the RCBO will redefine the standards for electrical safety and efficiency.


Post time: Mar-27-2024