EV Charger Gun

EV Charger Gun

Type2 female IEC62196-2 plug (Car end)

  • Working Voltage: 250/ 480V
  • Protection Degree: IP55
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    This is a Type 2 Female IEC 62196 standard European plug without cable. This replacement plug is designed to be used with EV charging
    cables. The maximum power that the plug can provide is up to 22 kW (32 Amperes, 3-Phase). It is a Female Type 2 end plug to connect directly
    on the charging vehicle. The product has a nice appearance, a hand-held ergonomic design and is easy to use. Suitable to connect with all
    private or public charging station cables and for use outdoors or indoors. The Type 2 replacement plug should be installed only by a qualified
    electrician. This plug replacement end charging has no cable and is intended to be firmly attached to the charging cable.


    EV gun

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