ETB01 Three phase Pan assembly

ETB01 Three phase Pan assembly

Pan assembly for distribution board busbar, Wholesale MCB Circuit Breaker Busbar System Pan Assembly For Distribution Board

Three phase 250A MCB Pan assemby

  • Certificate: KEMA tested with 20KA, 0.2S
  • Main Busbar upto: 250A 50/60Hz
  • Rated current: 125; 200; 250A
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    ETB01 Three phase Pan assembly designed for simple, quick and complete integration into custom built enclosures. Each pan assembly constituted by Shrouded copper busbar, mounting (fixing) plate. incoming connections.

    This is one kind of busbar for electric distribution, made up of power line copper bar, and plastic parts as insulation proposal. This range of three phase pan assemblies is designed to suit applications where switching andprotection of the neutral is deemed unnecessary.

    Each pan assembly is fully insulated incorporating DIN rail, incoming and outgoing busbar assembly. They can be easily and quickly incorporated into custom built enclosure systems. Pan assemblies are designed for use with SP and TP MCB, and are also suitable for two pole two phase equipment


    Standards: BS/EN/IEC 61439 -2
    Rating: this model was classified into 3 frames by different thickness copper used. 250A-2.5mm; 200A-2.0mm; 125A-1.5mm
    Operating Voltage: 400/415V
    Frequency: 50/ 60Hz
    Incomers: Any
    Outgoing: Any Din-rail MCB
    No. of ways: 4, 6,8,10,12,14,16, 18, 20, 22,24W


    1. Pan assembly KEMA approved at 250A main,0.2S
    2. Fire-proof material for the isolation case
    3 .Incoming switch: 3Phase Mcb,Isolator,Elcb,MCCB up to 250A 50/60Hz
    4 .Outgoing: upto 72poles way any kind of MCB
    5 .Installation base as required
    6 .Finger protection



    Rated current:


    Copper Thickness



    Tinned plated copper purity 99.7%


    KEMA test with 2.5mm

    Stand breaking capacity

    Icw 20KA - 0.2S (3-Phase main busbar)
    17KA - 0.25S (3-Phase main busbar)


    3 phase MCB,Isolator,ELCB,MCCB up to 250A

    Outing going

    up to 72 poles way any kind of MCB

    No. of Way




    Installation base

    customer specified

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