Manufacturer Low Voltage Cut Out Fuse

Manufacturer Low Voltage Cut Out Fuse

According to IEC 60269-3 , BS1361

  • Rated currents: 30A. 60A. 80A.100A
  • Rated voltage: AC 415V
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    Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
    Brand Name: Etechin
    Usage: LOW VOLTAGE
    Breaking Capacity: High
    Safety Standards: IEC
    Products Name: Cut out fuse
    Rated Current: 60a/80A

    Installation Ways: Bus Bar
    Warranty: 1 Years
    Function: For crcuit protection
    Frequency: 50/60Hz
    Material: Plastic
    Electric Life: 1000000 Times
    Model: CUT OUT fuse

    Standard: BS1361 Single phase ( SP) or SPN cut out fuse Black bakelite materials copper conductor

    CUTOUT Fuse are engineered to provide complete safety & security to the users and match with the modern aesthetics.
    They are designed to safe guard distribution, control and protection from shocks & accidental touch.

    This type of fuse is mainly used for circuit over load and short circuit current protection. In addition, if needed it can also be used in other DC circuits
    Superior Fuse
    High breaking capacity
    the fuse is pure silver and the filler is high silica quartz sand (98% or more SiO2)

    High quality fuse holder
    Flame retardant shell with V0 standard
    high power frequency withstand voltage
    with stand high breaking capacity
    high heat resistance

    STANDARD CUTOUTS are made of high grade phenolic or resin moulding powder having high mechanical and dielectric strength. The body possesser non hygroscopic and non tracking qualities. Terminal contracts are of tinned brass with phosphor bronze back up compression spring capable of providing flawless service even after years of use.


    1. All components are inter-locked
    2. Sealing provision to avoid unauthorized access
    3. Common body from 15 Amps. To 100 Amps
    4. Terminals are suitable for Aluminium /Copper conductors upto 35
    5. Loop in and Loop out cabling contacts available.
    6. 15 Amps. To 100 Amps. In single pole & neutral and Triple pole neutral configurations.
    7. The Insulated service cut out conform to BS 1361-1986 standard SRH fuses conform to BS1361.1986. The available current is 60# 60/80A, 100# 60/80A, 100# 100A, 100# 1P+N 60/80A, 100# 1P+N 100A.

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